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Services & Operations

Our Services

We provide solutions to ensure your successful development in French Overseas Departments & Territories

  • Consulting services taxation : each step of the development mostly in French Overseas Departments & Territories.
  • Training courses in corporate taxation, wealth and personal tax.
  • Writing newsletters about tax, and evolutions of legislation in France concerning investors and corporate taxation.

Opportunities for foreign investors

How to proceed ?
Which benefit to get ?

TANGOR provides its knowledge about tax systems and about the specific legal overseas’ environment:

  • Tax frameworks/incentives in favor of companies located in French Guiana or in other overseas departments.
  • Tax situations in favor of assets of your company.
  • Tax situations in favor of equity financing.
  • Subsidies from the E.U and French decentralized authorities.
  • Allowance on social contributions for employees.

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